Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top of the Northwest Division

Who would have thought, that after that dismal January, our Canucks would be on top of the NW division. After having to watch that awful game against the Minnesota Wild, y'know the one with boring hockey, no shots on net during the 3rd by the Canucks, causing me to think that Rob Faulds was actually funny, we would be here. From here on in, the decision is all in the hands of the Canucks.

I love the buzz in the city. The warm day on Sunday made me feel that playoff fever is about to start (I could not say the same for today. C'mon, snow in April?? Where is global warming??). I wish we could just skip the next couple of games and just start now, but one more huge game, against the Flamers on April 7th...

What is one of the best parts? Oh that the Calgary media is tearing apart the Flames.

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