Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Save Luongo! Canucks WIN!

The Canucks that Canuck fans have been seeing glimpses of all year showed up again tonight. A team who has been criticized to "playing down" to the level of teams and being streaky, well last night there was none of that.

The first period started much like the game 1. The boys came out throwing their bodies around. It's nice to see both teams make an effort to finish every check. Both teams had a combined 22 hits in the first 10 minutes. The Canucks have adjusted their playing style to the Blues, playing with a bit of a more defensive style to keep speedy young Blues off the scoresheet.

Last game I said that Sundin needs to do more, all season, I've said he needs to do more. Yes he bring leadership to the team, but frankly, I wanted more than just leadership. Tonight he delivered with the huge goal from a centering pass from Demitra in the second period putting the Canucks up by 1. He looked like terminator with that bloody eye.

Burrows' goal showed the hard work that him the Sedins made for that goal. They just never gave up on it, battling for the puck around the crease. Burrows gets a quick pass behind the net, and gets it in off of Mason, and paid a penalty for the goal with a hit from the Blues. Henrik Sedin gets the last goal into an empty net to seal the game.

The Blues' biggest chances came from Andy McDonald, hitting iron three times. By the end of the game I was cursing McDonald, just cursing him, he could have made the game a tie if those went in. But sometimes when you are winning the bounces just go your way.

The story of the night really was Luongo. Man has this guy been on fire. He made 30 saves last night for his first NHL shutout making huge saves. The way he tracked the puck, he looked possessed. AV calls it "Probably one of his best games of the year, " - via Luongo has only let in 5 goals in the last 2 games.

The trip from Bieksa at the end of the game was cheap, but I guess he was trying to set up Game 3 in St. Louis. Crombeen dropped his gloves and came at Bieksa, clearly a scrum would ensue.

-Who would have though that both Wellwood and Mason Raymond would have back to back nights with hits?
-The Blues played better last night than in Game 1, but still no dice
-Andy Murray was, could you say, pissed at the end of the game? What was he going to do? Jump over the glass and fight AV? You could see Tkachuk rolling his eyes and telling him to calm down.
-For all those getting the CBC broadcast, man it's nice to hear Jim Hughson say "Great Save Luongo!"

2 wins down. 14 to go. Bring it on Blues!

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