Sunday, April 19, 2009

Game three...bring it on St. Louis...

*As posted on Cycle Like the Sedins: St. Louis-Vancouver*

37 - 254. Teams that have lost the opening two games in the NHL have gone 37-254. Teams that are up 2-0 on the series have an 87% chance of taking the series. How does that make you feel St. Louis?

I hate to break it to St. Louis fans, but it's time to stop wishing for the Luongo of the Phoenix game. The Luongo that's here now is a whole different beast. He tracks pucks, he fights off guys in his crease and pucks have been sticking to him like velcro. And he's been having a great time doing it.

While doing some reading this morning, Bernie Miklasz is saying:
"The Canucks just happen to employ the world's hottest goaltender at the moment. And they're riding him. Basking in his glory.

Yeah, you only write that stuff when your team can't score and is losing the series. There have been games in the regular season when Luongo wasn't playing like a god, and don't worry the rest of the team knows how to step it up. The Canucks have things to improve on, like tightening up their defence, and cutting down on taking stupid penalties, *cough*, Ohlund. That's what game 3 and 4 will be for.

On the topic of St. Louis writers, I would like to point out to Dan O'Neill (a GOLF columnist) that he should perhaps do a little research before submitting an article. In Vancouver we do not speak french, but if you so feel you want to include a french quote, perhaps you should make sure you are actually writing in french, maybe not say ITALIAN. It's 'Vive le difference' but I guess your mind is already on when the Blues will begin their golf season.

After the bruhaha that ensued at the end of game 2, game 3 should be a fighting affair. No instigator penalty was handed out against Crombeen, so you know Colin Campbell will be watching this game closely. Hopefully the refs will not revert back to their whistle calling ways from game 1.

So to the St. Louis Blues and their fans, bring it on!

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