Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Last nights game was 2 points that the canucks stole. Stole.

It was another one of those games which they really should have lost the game.

Bernier's 'goal' in the 3rd, was a gift from Lecavalier's skate. The chance that Vinny had in the dying seconds of the 3rd, it bounced off of Salo's skate and went out. Ever fan knows that if this game had been in January, the bounces would not have gone our way. We would have lost this game and just added to the streak of loosing. But since it's February, and we are now 9-2-0, things have been going our way.

I'm not going to argue with the streak of good luck. But I hope that in the last stretch of games, the boys pick it up. The RPM line, which had that 5 game scoring burst back in February, has been non existant during 5 on 5 play. The 3rd line, which I have read has now been called the 'Unemployment Line' by Nucks Misconduct, also have been pointless. With all the chances that you see Wellwood having, you want to will him to score. But you don't get points for chances, only goals.

But enough about this game, hope the boys refocus for Sundays early game against CBJ and we see a better team.

On a side note, I am thankful for the seeing Eastern teams back in Vancouver. (And the fact I have not had to see Minnesota for any of my home games so far this year) The flashes of skill that Tampa had at times was nice to see, Stamkos really is coming along, even though he didn't live up to the hype during the early part of his season. The bad chemistry that the team had, also made me appreciate how much better the Canucks are. Will be interesting to see what the Bolts will look like next season.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Club Scarlet

The first NHL team to make a female fan website, also possibly has one of most ugliest, but captivating NHL players, the Washington Caps. Sometimes AO looks like he could be the posterboy for the special olympics, but you can't deny the skill.

So the website is called the Scarlet Club and it is touted as a website to connect female Cap fans connect with each other, and if you are new to hockey, to explain the things that you wanted to ask but were afraid to. Interesting trivia if you've never actually played hockey: A goalies chest protector is made of Kevlar, which makes sense, but I just never really thought about what it would be made of.

Some of the glamour shots of the players are a little bit, well, I can see what they were trying to go for, but the one of Jose Theodore, with the flipped up collar of his leather jacket, is too much. But maybe a good fit for 16 year old girls who would download the shot for their wallpaper, though I can't say how many self respecting female fans would admit to having that as their wallpaper background.

The glamour shots aside, I'm impressed at the attempt at the website. I would encourage any team that takes the approach to either gain the female fan base that enjoys the game in additional to the occasional eye candy on the team. And if it brings the wives and girlfriends of male hockey fans closer to understanding the game, so be it! I'm all for more female hockey fans, especially educated passionate ones...

Now if I could only somehow get the girls that wear the Bieksa jersey to the left of me at gm place to understand that a stoppage in play for icing, does not mean someone is getting a penalty. And that wondering that thought out loud has made everyone who has heard her comment groan at how retarded she sounds. She might as well be one of THOSE girls wearing a Pyatt jersey to the game. A pink one at that. With sparkles.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pens vs. the Caps

I have yet to understand the NBC "game of the week". If you have watched them, well they don't occur once a week. Maybe every 21 days or so, and seem to show a lot of the Rangers.

This week's game is the Caps vs. the Pens. I also don't understand why Americans enjoy afternoon games, but I can't complain about waking up in the morning to watch a hockey game.

And you have to love hockey to listen sometimes to Milbury and Pierre McGuire in the morning arguing for the American viewers. Today they also have Eddie Olczyk doing colour. I can't stop thinking about that commercial. "Did you seeeeeee that Chicago????"

NBC is making a big deal of the fact that this game is the 15th sellout or something. But let's bear in mind, that tickets are cheap. When my brother was in DC this week, we looked up tickets to the Habs game, and they were $25!!! Ok, so these were the upper bowl, but lower bowls, tickets, in the 1st, 2st, 8th, 11th and 16th row were still available. I just looked up tickets for the next Pens game on March 8th, and yes, they are still available. Seriously?

What the best deal we found? Oh the Papa John's Family Pack. This includes game ticket, 1 Caps baseball hat, 1 large pizza (to share), and some ticket to the Washington Mystics (because everyone who's a hockey fan will enjoy a wnba game?!?!). The price? $35 per person! I paid more for a hat I bought during Christmas than that.

If you are a student on Student Rush Night (thursdays), tickets are only $15 and you get a free Chipotle burrito!!!! A burrito! I'm pretty sure, that if I can find that new mexican concession stand, the burrito's will cost more than that, and I surely won't get to see Ovie play. True this is not quite as good as the all you can eat Thrashers deals, but hey, it's Ovie.

Caps won. Pens loose. Now for some breakfast.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Canucks vs. Leafs

I have been wanting to create a blog for some time, but it has taken some time to get around to finally doing it. So the first post, comes right after the Canucks vs. Leafs game. This blog has been mostly created as an outlet for my hockey obsession, which it seems, has started to get out of hand. Perhaps a little scary out of hand according to my friends, but since they are also hockey lovers they still like me.

I have been a Canuck fan since I can remember. Memories of watching the games with my father have made me into a Canuck fan. As every season ticket holder says during their feature at the games, it was the '94 Stanley Cup run that really solidified my love for the team.

But as every Canuck fan knows, and every Leaf fan in Vancouver loves to point out, we have never won a cup. It has been many years trying to get to the playoffs, then only making it a round or two, but no cup. I've been buying into mediocrity since I started to love the team. But I will not choose to love another team, because they are my team.

I enjoy to watch hockey in general, and the current favorites of course change as the players get traded, but I still love my team more than the others.

Back to tonights game: Man was this game ever over hyped. Toronto, a team that has no chance of making the playoffs, has, according to CBC, a ridiculously good record for games played on Hockey Night in Canada. It was also the first time in Toronto for Sundin. And Wellwood. Oh the hoopla. And of course the game was being played in the centre of the universe.

The game itself, was not a great game played by the Canucks. How many times, did Edler not be able to keep the puck in the offensive zone? Giveaways by the Canucks? Through the 2nd and part of the 3rd, the cursing at the tv escalated.

But the Sundin mania, overshadowed the mediocre play of the defense. The ovation from the fans in Toronto was classy, and the boo's every so often when he touched the puck, not to be unexpected. But the ending was what CBC and a Canuck fan could have wished for. Burrows sends the game to overtime, in a game, when the Leafs really should have won. The shootout was really about Sundin. The goal was great for a nice two points on our playoff race and a nice ending to the Sundin era in Toronto, now maybe writers can move on and stop talking about it.

And, well it did feel good to beat the Leafs.