Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Last nights game was 2 points that the canucks stole. Stole.

It was another one of those games which they really should have lost the game.

Bernier's 'goal' in the 3rd, was a gift from Lecavalier's skate. The chance that Vinny had in the dying seconds of the 3rd, it bounced off of Salo's skate and went out. Ever fan knows that if this game had been in January, the bounces would not have gone our way. We would have lost this game and just added to the streak of loosing. But since it's February, and we are now 9-2-0, things have been going our way.

I'm not going to argue with the streak of good luck. But I hope that in the last stretch of games, the boys pick it up. The RPM line, which had that 5 game scoring burst back in February, has been non existant during 5 on 5 play. The 3rd line, which I have read has now been called the 'Unemployment Line' by Nucks Misconduct, also have been pointless. With all the chances that you see Wellwood having, you want to will him to score. But you don't get points for chances, only goals.

But enough about this game, hope the boys refocus for Sundays early game against CBJ and we see a better team.

On a side note, I am thankful for the seeing Eastern teams back in Vancouver. (And the fact I have not had to see Minnesota for any of my home games so far this year) The flashes of skill that Tampa had at times was nice to see, Stamkos really is coming along, even though he didn't live up to the hype during the early part of his season. The bad chemistry that the team had, also made me appreciate how much better the Canucks are. Will be interesting to see what the Bolts will look like next season.

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