Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pens vs. the Caps

I have yet to understand the NBC "game of the week". If you have watched them, well they don't occur once a week. Maybe every 21 days or so, and seem to show a lot of the Rangers.

This week's game is the Caps vs. the Pens. I also don't understand why Americans enjoy afternoon games, but I can't complain about waking up in the morning to watch a hockey game.

And you have to love hockey to listen sometimes to Milbury and Pierre McGuire in the morning arguing for the American viewers. Today they also have Eddie Olczyk doing colour. I can't stop thinking about that commercial. "Did you seeeeeee that Chicago????"

NBC is making a big deal of the fact that this game is the 15th sellout or something. But let's bear in mind, that tickets are cheap. When my brother was in DC this week, we looked up tickets to the Habs game, and they were $25!!! Ok, so these were the upper bowl, but lower bowls, tickets, in the 1st, 2st, 8th, 11th and 16th row were still available. I just looked up tickets for the next Pens game on March 8th, and yes, they are still available. Seriously?

What the best deal we found? Oh the Papa John's Family Pack. This includes game ticket, 1 Caps baseball hat, 1 large pizza (to share), and some ticket to the Washington Mystics (because everyone who's a hockey fan will enjoy a wnba game?!?!). The price? $35 per person! I paid more for a hat I bought during Christmas than that.

If you are a student on Student Rush Night (thursdays), tickets are only $15 and you get a free Chipotle burrito!!!! A burrito! I'm pretty sure, that if I can find that new mexican concession stand, the burrito's will cost more than that, and I surely won't get to see Ovie play. True this is not quite as good as the all you can eat Thrashers deals, but hey, it's Ovie.

Caps won. Pens loose. Now for some breakfast.

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