Saturday, February 21, 2009

Canucks vs. Leafs

I have been wanting to create a blog for some time, but it has taken some time to get around to finally doing it. So the first post, comes right after the Canucks vs. Leafs game. This blog has been mostly created as an outlet for my hockey obsession, which it seems, has started to get out of hand. Perhaps a little scary out of hand according to my friends, but since they are also hockey lovers they still like me.

I have been a Canuck fan since I can remember. Memories of watching the games with my father have made me into a Canuck fan. As every season ticket holder says during their feature at the games, it was the '94 Stanley Cup run that really solidified my love for the team.

But as every Canuck fan knows, and every Leaf fan in Vancouver loves to point out, we have never won a cup. It has been many years trying to get to the playoffs, then only making it a round or two, but no cup. I've been buying into mediocrity since I started to love the team. But I will not choose to love another team, because they are my team.

I enjoy to watch hockey in general, and the current favorites of course change as the players get traded, but I still love my team more than the others.

Back to tonights game: Man was this game ever over hyped. Toronto, a team that has no chance of making the playoffs, has, according to CBC, a ridiculously good record for games played on Hockey Night in Canada. It was also the first time in Toronto for Sundin. And Wellwood. Oh the hoopla. And of course the game was being played in the centre of the universe.

The game itself, was not a great game played by the Canucks. How many times, did Edler not be able to keep the puck in the offensive zone? Giveaways by the Canucks? Through the 2nd and part of the 3rd, the cursing at the tv escalated.

But the Sundin mania, overshadowed the mediocre play of the defense. The ovation from the fans in Toronto was classy, and the boo's every so often when he touched the puck, not to be unexpected. But the ending was what CBC and a Canuck fan could have wished for. Burrows sends the game to overtime, in a game, when the Leafs really should have won. The shootout was really about Sundin. The goal was great for a nice two points on our playoff race and a nice ending to the Sundin era in Toronto, now maybe writers can move on and stop talking about it.

And, well it did feel good to beat the Leafs.

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