Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Club Scarlet

The first NHL team to make a female fan website, also possibly has one of most ugliest, but captivating NHL players, the Washington Caps. Sometimes AO looks like he could be the posterboy for the special olympics, but you can't deny the skill.

So the website is called the Scarlet Club and it is touted as a website to connect female Cap fans connect with each other, and if you are new to hockey, to explain the things that you wanted to ask but were afraid to. Interesting trivia if you've never actually played hockey: A goalies chest protector is made of Kevlar, which makes sense, but I just never really thought about what it would be made of.

Some of the glamour shots of the players are a little bit, well, I can see what they were trying to go for, but the one of Jose Theodore, with the flipped up collar of his leather jacket, is too much. But maybe a good fit for 16 year old girls who would download the shot for their wallpaper, though I can't say how many self respecting female fans would admit to having that as their wallpaper background.

The glamour shots aside, I'm impressed at the attempt at the website. I would encourage any team that takes the approach to either gain the female fan base that enjoys the game in additional to the occasional eye candy on the team. And if it brings the wives and girlfriends of male hockey fans closer to understanding the game, so be it! I'm all for more female hockey fans, especially educated passionate ones...

Now if I could only somehow get the girls that wear the Bieksa jersey to the left of me at gm place to understand that a stoppage in play for icing, does not mean someone is getting a penalty. And that wondering that thought out loud has made everyone who has heard her comment groan at how retarded she sounds. She might as well be one of THOSE girls wearing a Pyatt jersey to the game. A pink one at that. With sparkles.

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