Sunday, March 1, 2009

CBJ in Van

Thoughts on the game:
-The camera that Sportsnet had for the beginning for the game was neat in that make you want to throw up as you try to follow the puck sort of way. It was neat for the first couple of minutes, showing the action as a player would have seen the ice. But try to follow the puck...nice to see the overhead camera's back in action

-When the Canucks were on a penalty kill, Pyatt wrists a puck on Mason. And the crowd let's out a loud "awww" for shot that either went wide, or Mason steered away. Did the crowd really think Pyatt was going to score? Seriously?

-Nice shot by Salo on the 5 on 3. It's nice to see that we can score again on a 5 on 3, unlike our attempt in the Montreal game.

-Alex Burrows looked good on that goal with the 3 on 1. It's nice to see him get top 6 forward time, though with the trade deadline coming, I would kinda like to see him back on a checking line. This may have more to do with the fact that I don't think the 3rd line can be our new shut down line heading into the end of the season against all of these western conference teams.

-Why does the pick up of Vaananen from waivers make people think that there's gonna be a huge defenceman trade? Maybe Gillis just like free things? Especially when they are cheap?

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