Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blood in the Water...

Cancucks vs. Sharks

The Sharks are hungry. Hungry for a win. They have dropped the last 3 games. Blake Price, and Pratt & Taylor of the team 1040 keeps calling it THE litmus test. At least litmus is an amusing word to say.

The Canucks have won the last 11 of 13. No trades were made at the deadline, which means that THIS is the group that Gillis thinks can make a run for the cup. The Canucks have resigned Burrows, and on that night, he scores 2 goals! Count 'em, 2. And the people are jumping on the Bandwagon.

There is one thing that still stands in our way: the Sharks have beaten the Canucks the last 8 of their meetings. The Sharks have always smelled blood in the water, and most games, they weren't pretty.

The last game that these two met, was on January 10 in Vancouver. The Canucks put up a good fight, but no dice. The one thing that Vancouver has for it right now is that they are healthy. All of them.

The Sharks are not so lucky. They currently have 6 guys out on injuries, and although most of them are mostly 3rd and 4th liners. Although the guys that are out aren't named Marleau, Thornton or Michaelek, well when you have 6 guys out, its more of a numbers game than an issue of talent being out. Most of their injured (Goc, Grier, Mitchell, Roenick, Huskins and Lemieux) are supposed to be back in time for playoffs. Though, they really should shut down Lemieux now. If I were them, I'd be like "thanks for your time (5 minutes a game), but no thanks, you can go back to being old again...cause you're not much of an agitator anymore"...

Even though the Sharks are a lock for the playoffs, they are still in a race for the president's cup. As of last night, Detroit just overtook them in the standings, to be fair, the Sharks still have 2 games in hand. But at least for tonight, this will be to the Canucks advantage. Plus, in the playoffs, teams will have to deal players on injury list...

What else is good news for the Canucks?

The waterboy is playing. That's right. Nabokov is out, so Boucher is in.

This will be a good game to win, not only for the points, but just for confidence for the team. If we loose this one, imagine meeting them in the playoffs, having lost 9 straight. Jesus that would be rough.

I hope we beat the Sharks. If not for the reasons above, then just because my brother is gonna wear his Sharks jersey out tonight.

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