Sunday, March 15, 2009

Game 67: Canucks vs. Avalanche

So as of March 10, according to From the Rink, the Avalanche were, according to points, eliminated from making the playoffs. That should make for an easy win right?

According to Canucks history, that would be a no.

1. The Canucks have not won against the Avalanche in what seems like forever. According to, they haven't won since Nov 9 2007.

2. The Canucks are good at losing to teams that we should beat. Such crappy teams that we have lost to this year include the Islanders and St. Louis.

But we're on an 8 home game winning streak so tonight this losing to the Avalanche will end. The Avalanche have also played last night, into a shootout with the Oilers. So they will be tired, unlike our well rested Canucks. Both of our losses this year against them have come in the shootout, I remember cursing Budaj when he made those great saves, so let's take advantage of the opportunity.

-The Flames lost to the Leafs yesterday, the Blackhawks lost today against the Islanders and Detroit beat CBJ and St. Louis beat Minnesota. Here is where we can put some points between us and CBJ so that we secure the 4th or 5th spot, either way we will play Chicago.

-After tonight there is only 14 games left in the regular season, every game now is huge

It is also the Canucks for Kids telethon tonight. It's a good cause, so visit

We'll get plenty of make your heart melt photos like this tonight:

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