Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NBC get's their dream match-up

In case you gave up watching the East because the West finished last night, there were two game 7's on tonight. You might have missed a few things:

The Caps WON over the Rangers. That's right, Fedorov gets his first goal in the playoffs with less than 5 minutes left in the 3rd period to break the 1-1 tie that held through much of the game. They were trailing 3-1 in the series, and game back and won game 7. For Caps fans, you gotta be happy this game didn't turn out like last year. It was pointed out that Varlamov now wants his name to be pronounced "Var-LOM-ov" instead of how the commentators have been pronouncing it.

Tucked away on TSN2:

New Jersey fans can't believe it. What a collapse of the Devils in those last 2 minutes....Brodeur well...tomorrow he will wake up thinking that Bettman engineered this marketing genius:

NBC presents:
Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Penguins!

With the upset of the cardiac Canes over the Devils, the Pens will now play the Caps. I cannot wait for the photoshops and the jobbing to come out of The Pensblog (the original, not the pansy version). The first game starts on Thursday Saturday on NBC at 1pm ET (10am PT).

Bettman is I'm sure very please with how this turned out, hello casual fans! Have you heard of Ovechkin or Crosby?

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