Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is it the Blue Jackets or the Blues (no jackets)?

Good morning Vancouver. It is Easter and your team are the NW division champions. The way they got it against Colorado wasn't the most pretty, and reminded me how much I love to see goals scored instead of those one goal games. But what did winning the title mean? It means that we will have home ice advantage in the first round (and maybe the 2nd if there is an upset for Detroit or San Jose).

This Easter Sunday, the Canucks will be scoreboard watching to see who they will play in the 1st round match-up. With the Anaheim's loss of last night against Phoenix, the Ducks won't be able to jump up to the 6th spot. A collective sigh was made by Canuck fans, because I don't know of anyone who actually wanted to play them.

Who the Canucks will play will be determined on the St. Louis/Colorado game tonight. CBJ lost to Minnesota so it leaves them with 92 points. If the Blues win today, they will tie the Blue Jackets for points. The number of wins they each have is equal at 41 wins each. So the deciding factor comes down to their season series between CBJ and the Blues this year, which the Blues won.

Neither team will be an easy win. The St. Louis Blues have been on a tear coming down the stretch. They will be excited to just be in the playoffs and may play hockey with reckless abandon. The Blue Jackets on the other hand have been a team that has given the Canucks trouble this year.

Either way, it's out of our hands who we will play. Good teams will have to play hard teams in the playoffs, that's what determines who is the better team. Obviously, if the Canucks could just a bye to the cup finals and then play a beat up East tearm that would be awesome. But that's not the case, so bring on the Blue Jackets's or the jacket-less Blues and let the playoffs begin.

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