Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too long of a break?

You know this is going to be a tough week for the Vancouver sports media and fans. The earliest game for the Canucks vs. X opponent will be Friday or Saturday. These past few days have been pretty hard, it's like being in Canuck withdrawl. As we have never swept a 7 game series, we've never had to feel this waiting before. We could ask Detroit fans how it feels like, but I have never met many of them that I actually like.

The Canucks media will have another few days to write stories about nothing. Don't you find they have been doing that over the past few days? Want some examples?

-Gallagher has starting talking about the salary cap and the Sedins' contract. Hate to break it to Mr. Negativity, but he'll have plenty of time to talk about salary caps and contracts in June.

-Botchford wrote about Luongo's puck handling. In the article Kevin Bieksa says: "He's good at playing the puck." Luongo isn't awful at handling the puck, but he ain't great. Turco or Brodeur is good at playing the puck, if given the choice, I would prefer Luongo to stay in the crease, not become the extra D man.

-Sundin doesn't know if he will be ready to play game 1. Hopefully he can decide if he is ready in the next 5 days, this time he has a time limit rather than taking say....6 months?

-Ed Willes posts THIS article about media and Luongo. With excerpts of:

"That's a good question. But before I answer it, I want to talk about something that's been bothering me; something you guys have missed. First off, let me say Roberto Luongo is not an embellisher. I'm not going to name names, like Miikka Kiprusoff, but Roberto would never put on an act. That's why I think what's been going on is a disgrace. The league has said it will protect the goalies but they're treating Roberto like a human piƱata out there. He won't say anything, of course. That's why I'm bringing it up."
*may not have been actually said

Ed, the Vancouver fans can't figure out when you media type are joking. They couldn't figure it out when the Kurtenblog posted THIS in the Province either.

So as you can see from the above examples, this week will be a hard one on the media for coming up with new stories.

They will have some opponent analysis depending on how the San Jose/Anaheim game goes tomorrow, if Anaheim and Calgary wins, the poll questions can switch to, who do you want to play more Chicago or Calgary? If both Anaheim and Chicago wins tomorrow everything in the West will be wrapped up and we can move onto the pre-series analysis.

Random hockey related stories:
-A Flyers draft pick is charged with killing referee and burying body. Of all the NHL teams this guy was drafted through, it had to be the Flyers.
-Want to see what a broken finger looks like? Matt Walker blocked a shot during the game on Saturday night, check out the reaction from the fans behind the bench when he took off his gloves.

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