Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post series links and stuff..

“Overtime, boys. This is where legends are born.”That's what Burrows said to the team in the dressing room before overtime, where he scored the game winner.

-He also dedicated the game winner to Luc Bourdon with Bourdon's bow and arrow celebration.

-Alex Burrows has a 'facebook page'. Freakin hilarious. Best line:
He recently became friends with a Kelly Backes, prompting a hostile reaction from the Blues' David Backes. His latest status update, sometime last night, simply says, "WOOOOOOOOO!!"

-Gallagher is already fearful of too much rest for Luongo. Seriously? It's been the first day and we are already worrying about too much rest?

-Vigneault expects with the break that Salo and Sundin will ready to play the next series. AV is also talking with Pyatt, but no time frame for the return yet.

-The Vancouver Sun is asking you to grade the Canucks. But really, skip the trouble and just read the Kurtenblog's grade of the game instead. It mentions Shane O'Brien's Lady Gaga dance. Please, somebody find me a video of that dance. If this requires me to go to the Roxy, so be it.

-For some shameless self promotion, please click to check out the Cycle Like the Sedins page which is about your Vancity Canuck.

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