Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shane O'Brien and his sometimes yappy visage...

I missed this until today, but Tony Gallagher, who doesn't often praise people, instead doing a great job criticizing them, wrote this column about Shane O'Brien.

O'Brien has the edge Gillis wanted to see on show with a vengeance in the stunning first period of Game two, the 235-pounder throwing his body around like it was made of iron. In what was probably the finest period he’s ever played, O'Brien made hit after hit on every shift, punishing Blues forwards in what is going to turn into a war of attrition if the Blues can ever get anything past Luongo.

“Other than the two penalties, yeah, it probably was,” said O'Brien when asked if he’d just played the best game of his life despite the fact it was just over 10 minutes of action, only Rick Rypien getting less time. “That first period, that game was the best game I've ever been involved in really. I mean this is my first year here but that really something. The atmosphere was awesome. I mean you have to give it to the fans for that. All year the fans have been good but people have been telling me ‘wait until playoffs, wait until playoffs.’ Well they were right. The noise, just awesome.”

I have been a big fan of O'Brien since his trade from the Tampa to Vancouver. Even with being in AV's doghouse for the penalties and his beaking to the media, I like him on the team. When Gillis didn't trade/have AV bench him after he acquired Vaananen, it showed the management's confidence in him. He's still young and could use some time to mature, but he will be effective in this year's run for the cup.

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