Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canucks re-sign McIver, Burrows says funny things

Two things Canuck related today:
1. The Canucks re-signed Nathan McIver today, adding another player to their blue line. Since we already have a ridiculous amount, I hope he enjoys spending another year winter in Winnipeg.

2. Check out this article from The Province. There were 9 Canuck players at UBC today skating, and Burrows gave some great quotes about the firing of Paul Kelly.

"Some guys just like to play hockey and they're not the smartest guys out there, but I like to learn," Burrows said.

"Right now, I still have to get a few more facts to make sure I can comment on what's going on," Burrows said. "For some reason, we haven't got all the facts."

The whole article is pretty funny, with lots of sarcasm sprinkled in liberally.

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