Saturday, September 12, 2009

Canucks Training Camp: 57 Players Invited

So medical testing starts today at UBC for the Canucks, followed by two days of training camp and then the first preseason game on Tuesday in Terrace, BC against the Islanders. For a list of who is invited to the training camp, see a post here on the CDC.

Mike Gillis has invited a bunch of journeymen to the camp, including Mark Parrish, Dave Scatchard, Ronald Petrovicky and Keith Carney. It seems that Gillis has a thing for older guys that are on the outs...but maybe one will be low cost surprise.

And something funny for the weekend:

Check out the
KB for their Friday chat. This week's comments about Team USA's glamour shots are hilarious. The picture of Kane just cracks me up, "Grrrrrr...."
Click here for the full series of photos from PD.

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