Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tweetup, Pronounciations and Cuts

The Vancouver Tweetup community is having their first
Canucks Tweetup tomorrow night at the Hurricane Grill.

I will not be in attendance, but since I'm talking about twitter on this blog, I do have twitter, though I haven't really gotten into it yet. I know most of your feel that twitter is dumb, but hey, I said that about Twilight, and look how far I got with that. So if you feel inclined to follow me, here it is.

Cody Hodgson spoke to the press about how to really pronounce his name. Apparently we've all been saying it wrong. The G is supposedly silent, so it's like Cody Hod-son, not Hodge-son like we've all been saying.

Tempowcrew doesn't think it's gonna stick, at least not he cracks the lineup, but here's to hoping that he does: Ko-dee Hod-sun

Canucks Makes Cuts
The Canucks made some cuts with Dan Gendur going to the Moose, and Steven Anthony, Morgan Clark, Prab Rai and Kellan Tochkin (Silver Tips) going back to their junior clubs. Then they made some more cuts, sending Kevin Connauton back to the Giants.

Botch on the Defense
Jason Botchford wrote an article today about how a deep defense has players fighting for a roster spot. He asks "Can any team in the NHL afford the luxury of having that kind of money invested in their seventh and eighth defencemen?".

What he fails to point out, is that two of the players we have on our team are named old man Schneider and glass Salo, who really are not expected to be healthy enough to play the whole season. So yes, I do expect to carry 7 or 8 D all year, though I would have preferred for them to be not paid as much as they are getting.

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