Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funny Things: Hating the Leafs, and Player Websites


1. I apologize in advance for not posting this link last week, but Five for Smiting had an awesome post about Leafsnation. It's starts off: "I despise the city of Toronto, and everything in it."

know you want to read it.

2. Nice e
xcerpt from Leafs Abomination: The Dismayed Fan’s Handbook to Why the Leafs Stink and How They Can Rise Again in the Globe and Mail last week.

Best parts of the excerpt:
Wellwood was fat, out of shape and too lazy to do anything about it. He was waived in 2008 and eventually picked up by the Vancouver Canucks where he required three tries to pass the club- mandated fitness test in training camp.

Win or lose, Wellwood was out on Saturday night, hitting any number of downtown clubs where bouncers were more than happy to whisk some Leafs and their friends past the velvet ropes and straight to the VIP areas. “The minute you show up at the club you cut the line, get a table, get a few drinks,” he says. “As a young kid it was a lot of fun, I definitely miss it. If Tie [Domi] was bringing you out, you got a lot of attention, but it was nice. It was tough for the guys who were married or had a girlfriend. There’s always some one who wants a cell- phone picture taken and next thing you know you’re on someone’s Facebook page and there’s a girl kissing you on the cheek. You have to be careful. But if you wanted attention from the girls, you could definitely get it. I just think it’s fun for them to hang out with an NHL player in Toronto. And if they’d had a few drinks it was even more fun.”

Hahaha....oh Kyle. For the except,
click here.

Player Websites:
So I came across
Christian Errhoff's website today and found the FACTS link mildly amusing.

: Christian Ehrhoff is not only one of the most talented young defensemen in the National Hockey League, he is also an interesting person. That's why we decided to give you a closer look at his personality and to offer you some more information.

Puh-leeze. Someone please get Ehrhoff a better writer. He's also an interesting person? At least he likes Entourage and Sprite.

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