Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and That...

I guess it could be called "news" that the Canucks beat the Isles 2-1 last night for their pre-season opener in Terrace, but really, it was just AHL team vs. AHL team. Though it is nice to have hockey feel like it is that much closer, the preseason, in my opinion is too long and until the last 2 games, really worthless. The NHL should really just start the season next week...but they're not, so here is some Canucks musings that I found:

Ed Willies
writes today about the Sedins:
"Daniel and Henrik? You could give them each a million bucks, send them on the road with The Rolling Stones and a dozen Playboy bunnies and they'd come back telling you about the movies they saw in their hotel room."

Sedins think that Samuelsson is a dirty Swede (which really just makes me laugh):
Henrik: "And he can be a little dirty. He's kind of a dirty player and not Swedish that way. He can play it all."

"You can say that," said Daniel. "He's more Canadian than Swedish. He's tough to play against and gets under your skin and can frustrate you because he's so strong. He'll fit in in a lot of different situations."

Not that I watched this, but it looks like
Burrows, Hordichuck and Raymond made an appearance at the Canadian Country Music Awards. A french hockey player that likes country music? I may know a girl that we should keep that info from...

And now for some self-endorsement:
After some bonding over True Blood over at Wrap's house of Tokarski, and obliging me with a photo in his episode a recap, HF29 asked me to give an intro about Curtis Sanford for their blog Four Habs Fans. It's stripperriffic, so please click here to read my submission here about the Sandman.

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  1. Just read the part about Burr at the CCMAs... Next I'll find out that he loves ketchup and know that we are perfect for each other. Haha.

    PS. Can I pretend that this factoid isn't a factor in my decision to get a Burrow's jersey? :P