Monday, August 31, 2009

This and That...

Just a few quick thoughts about stuff around the NHL
  • Sportsnet reported that the Canucks and Luongo will have a deal done before training camp. The Vancouver Sun interrupted Mike Gillis on his fishing trip to receive a 'no confirmation and no comment' quote for the story. I'll believe it when I see it confirmed, though I think it will be done, and in time for a nice press conference to kick off the season.
  • Another changing of the guard at the NHLPA. The contract negotiations are in 2011 and I have an uneasy feeling that that I better enjoy what hockey we have now, because there might be another hockey stoppage when the contract runs out.
  • The Canucks prospects camp starts Monday and it's at UBC. Here are the times if you want to go watch.
  • I know the acquisition of Erhoff and Lukowich is old news, but I would just like to say how pleased I am that Erhoff is on our team. During the CLS re-draft I was hoping that I would be able to draft him, but someone took him a couple of picks before me. Beside this being a salary dump for the Sharks, I can't believe we got we got Erhoff in exchange for Patrick White!
And because I think it's funny:
Mike Green launched his website today. Visit it. Apparently this is what happens when you grow up trying to be hardcore from Calgary. He ended his first blog entry with peace. Awful. With glamour shots in his wife beater. In sunglasses. And some bling. Such epic fail. Enjoy the pic.


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