Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This and That: Another Stupid Break

What is with these stupid breaks? Did whoever design this schedule not look what December looks like? One more sleep until the game tomorrow night against the Kings, oh and it's PPV btw.

Since I don't want to write stuff about how Demitra is still not better (though apparently wants to be able to play) or how we haven't taken enough games to OT, so that if we lose we'll still get a pity OT point, which would thus make us look better in the standings, I've decided show you a video that I think you may enjoy:

Miles Fisher's (not Mike Fisher)
music video for his cover of This Must Be The Place. If you have watched American Psycho, you'll love it. If you haven't, go watch the movie, it's priceless.

-The video is NSFW

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