Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Naslund comes out of retirement, will play for Modo

So, the rumor that I wrote about yesterday was true, Naslund will come out of retirement to play with Forsberg. The two have previously played four seasons together for Modo.

Interesting tidbit out of the story on TSN: "According to reports, Naslund and Forsberg have both turned down salaries with the team will play for free"


  1. Only Forsberg could drag Naslund out of retirement. But good for them that they're willing to play without being paid. Modo needs them, even if it's just in a supportive role. Modo is dead last in the SEL right now.

  2. I love the fact that they are playing for free, and Modo does need whatever help they can get. I wish we actually had access to watch some SEL.

  3. You really have to hunt that kind of thing down, but it is possible to find streaming SEL games.