Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shane O'Brien pokes Avery with stick, gets suspended

You knew it was coming. You knew that Shane was gonna get just for getting involved. You knew that Shane couldn't hold back from getting involved.

But is was great to watch non?

So Shane will miss the 1st game in Minnesota of the 5 game roadtrip that the Canucks have left on.

Sometimes when I see him getting involved I just have to shake my head. I don't want him to end up in AV's doghouse again, but he just can't help himself. He was already sequestered to glue his ass to the bench after taking a double-minor penalty late in the second period. Then, he thought it would be a good idea to poke Avery with his hockey stick from his bench! Aaaaah! And on the video, you see AV having to restrain him from jumping off the bench.

"You never want to be suspended and I don't think it deserves one, but I'll take my punishment," said O'Brien, who won't be eligible to play Thursday night against the Minnesota Wild.

"I got sucked in a little bit. Avery was chirping and he cross-checked me in the first period for no reason.

"He was saying stuff to [Darcy] Hordichuk on the bench before it happened and I just felt that was over the line. I just let my emotions take over. It was a heated point of the game and it was getting a little physical." -The Province

He crossed the line because Avery was saying something about Hordichuck??? Seriously?!?!?!

Oh, it really doesn't stop there. O'Brien was like a quote machine today.

"I know there was part of me that wanted to hop the boards and get in it," said O'Brien. "And I know Hordi did too and Ryp [Rick Rypien] was licking his chops. But you've got to be controlled."-The Province

I just keep picturing Rypien licking his chops, can you?

Anyways, the Rangers have been fined $10 000 and Dane Byers (who picked a fight with Tanner Glass in the last 5 minutes of the game) has been suspended 1 game as well.

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