Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet 2 Young Swedish Prospects..

...that will probably never crack the Canucks roster.

Meet Anton Rodin and Peter Andersson. They also don't have the best interview skills, even when being interviewed in Swedish. Some answers of "Nope" and lots of "Yeah, me too"s in there. Their answer about contact with the Canucks training staff elicited a peculiar answer (see below), it makes me want to know what kind of e-mails Dave Gagner send them, a little weird. Elaboration clearly is not their strong point, for their sake, I hope they are better at hockey.

How much contact do you have with the Canucks training staff and do they provide you with tips or advice on how to improve your game?

AR – I usually talk to Inge Hammarstrom because he lives almost where I live and I have also talked to Dave Gagner a few times too.

PA – Dave Gagner has sent me some emails.

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