Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This and That around the NHL

Just in case you live under a rock:
The Penguins won Game 6! Woooooo! Fleury was unreal tonight, and when he wasn't, Scuderi was.

Game 7 will be on Friday in Detroit. Dinner plans are postponed (at least till after the game). Now all I just have to do is get through another 2 day break without going crazy.

Around the NHL:
  • The Flyers have called a news conference for tomorrow to announce the one-year contract they have signed with Emery. I'm sure in addition to speeding tickets, we will be seeing many Emery appearances at frat parties at Temple with his new BFF's Richards and Carter.
  • Dany Heatley has asked for a trade out of Ottawa. CBC mentioned tonight during the idesk that he has requested a trade to the Western Conference. He has just finished the 1st year of his 6 year contract, which gets me thinking, why do teams/players sign long contracts only to want to get out of them right away? Anyways, may the bidding wars begin with the Kings, Oilers, Wild, Canucks...Sharks...who's team hasn't been thrown around today in the NW or Pacific division?
  • In court today, the judge decides that the NHL is entitled to a relocation fee if Jim Balsillie wants to move the team. The NHL could ask for a $100 million relocation fee...Balsillie's lawyer Freeman suggested that Balsillie will walk away if the $100 million is approved in court.
  • Oh, and Brent Sutter stepped down as head coach in NJ, and has traded the NHL for Red Deer, until he decides to go work for his brother in Calgary...

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