Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All quiet on the Canucks front...

So not much has happened in Canuck-world lately....since Rypien's extention, it's been pretty quiet in the Canuck camp. I expect we should be getting some news soon about contract extentions and such since we still have Kyle Wellwood, Shane O'Brien and Jannik Hansen as RFA's coming up to July 1st and a slew of UFA's that I think we'll hear about before or on July 1st.

I didn't expect that we would hear much this past week as Gillis was at the NHL combine in Toronto on the weekend and then was at the GM meeting in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. The Vancouver Sun reports that the Canucks will begin contract talks with the Sedins in the next week or two...and Kyle Wellwood's agent says he expects talks to happen in late June.

But since there is no news, I would like to say Woooo! for the Pens last night....what a game. I felt like I was willing Talbot to score....and Letang! Marc-Andre Fleury played a solid game as well, which makes this now actually feel like a series. Loved the 20 seconds of 6 Pens on the ice and no call...good job refs.

News around the NHL:

  • The Moose have tied up the series against the Hershey Bears and it's now 1-1. The series now moves to PA for Game 3, 4, and 5
  • It's reported that Emery will be the starting goalie for the Flyers next season..which will be trouble if he starts going to frat parties with Richards and Carter next year...underage trouble, maybe with a speeding ticket or two. So the next question will be: where is Biron and Nittymaki signing?
  • Tony Granato has been finally fired as coach of the Avs
Malkin presser from today about Talbot (=superstar):

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