Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Canucks cap seats for season ticket holders

So I missed this article that appeared through cbc news a couple weeks ago, but I saw a cdc post about it when I was on the Canucks website today so I figure better late than never.

It seems that the Canucks have sent advisals to some season ticket holders who have more than 4 seats. They have been advised that for the 2009 season they will not be eligible to renew all of their tickets.

The "ticket holder" that brought this "news" to cbc is a ticket holder who has 24!, count 'em, 24 seats! So he is a ticket broker, so this will take an effect on his business....but he says that he is doing the interview to help 'inform' the public about what the Canucks are doing to their season ticket holders. He throws around the word loyalty.

So what are the Canucks doing? The are capping the number of season tickets per person at 4 which would allow more of the fans who are paying to be on the waitlist an opportunity to get tickets. The waitlist is estimated to be a 6 year wait right now. This move looks like it is being done to reduce the number of scalpers who resell tickets, and you know what Mr. 24 seats ticket holder, I think it's freakin fantastic that you will only be allowed to have 4 tickets next year. I'm sure that you will find a way to obtain tickets again, but right now, with such a demand for tickets, this is the right move for the FANS.

If those ticket holders would like to splurge, maybe they would be interested in the Top Shelf Club tickets....prices starting at $230 dollars per ticket....which include all inclusive food, non-alcoholic beverages and a raw bar of food....which means it's gonna be a good bet there's sushi available...


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