Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jay Bouw to Calgary, Heaters to Edmonton....


I will learn to hate you Bouwmeester

So I wrote something earlier for Cycle Like the Sedins for their Free Agent Special, (which I'll post the link once it's up), but one of the questions was: "What is the
one thing that I did not want to see this free agency?" I think that would be Jay Bouwmeester signing a 5 year contract with Calgary! I shudder at the thought of Jay Bouw and Phaneuf shutting down Vancouver's top lines 6 times a year! I can only hope now that salary cap revenge will get you Calgary...please do enjoy that 6.6 million dollar cap hit.

On another note, "sources" tell TSN the trade for
Heatley to Edmonton for Cogliano, Penner and Smid is all but done.

C'mon Mike Gillis. You need to sign the Sedins or pull off some miracles tomorrow. I want to be saying 'In Gillis I Trust' tomorrow....

Update at 9:30pm PT:
It now seems that Heatley has not waived his no trade clause for Edmonton...

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