Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wellwood Arbitration

The hearing took 4 hours today, with each side getting 90 minutes to present their case and then offer a rebuttal.
No agreement has been made as of today, and the arbitrator will make his ruling by Thursday.

The Canucks are offering Wellwood a raise of $2500 to his salary of $997,500 salary last year. It kinda sounds bad when you say it like that, no?

They are actually just rounding up to a cool $1 million dollars. Fair I'd say based on his play from last year. Yes he did get 18 goals...but he also did go through a 21 game stretch with nada. It was frustrating to watch, kinda like watching Bernier not being able to bury those goals like he should have....but let's not dwell on the past.

So we should hear the news on Thursday from the arbitrator unless they somehow come to an agreement mutually before then. Hopefully no feeling or scales were broken at the hearing...

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