Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you disapointed?

From Day 1 of the free agent frenzy:
  • I hear people are disappointed in Vancouver about Gillis' day 1 of free agency. I'm not. Maybe because it was expected that the Sedins would re-signed, so it didn't seem like a big deal, but it was. Gillis was able to convince the Sedins to work on much shorter term than they requested and still managed to re-sign them. The deals come with a no movement clause.
  • Mattias Ohlund is now a Tampa Bay Lightning, he signed a 7 year contract for 26.25 million dollars. Congratulations to him.
  • The Canucks have signed Aaron Rome. Who? Um he's just some defenceman that has been added for depth. Not much to talk about here.
I think we'll see more from Gillis tomorrow while he tries to fill in the holes for the Canucks. We still need a defenceman, a couple forwards (depending on how big of a role he is expecting Hodgson and Grabner to play next year) and a backup goalie.

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