Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canucks Sign Tanner Glass and Mike Funk

Props to Canadian vs. the Yanks, where I read that the Canucks have signed forward Tanner Glass. I don't know much about him, but she seems pretty excited to have the Canucks pick him can read more about her excitement about Glass here.

The Canucks have also signed free agent defenceman Michael Funk to a 1 year, two-way contract. He has had a few concussions (2) and post concussion syndrome this year. He was supposed to become Buffalo's RFA this summer, but they chose not to offer him a contract. Funk had interest also from Calgary and Ottawa, but this home town boy (from Abbotsford) chose to sign a contract with the Canucks


  1. Yes. I got a little over-excited but oh well. :)Tanner is a great pick up. He's a great leader and can play anywhere. Great for any team but I'm glad he's with the Canucks org now.

    I'm hoping the best for Funk too.

  2. Over-excited? Nah, I'm glad that somebody actually knew who he was...