Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick contract stuff about O'Brien, Raycroft and Wellwood

Sorry for the lack of stuff going on here....I spent an amazing 3 days up in the Okanagan this weekend with no internet. This weekend had great friends, campfires, lots and lots of wine tasting...oh and sun! Just a few quick things today, since my brain is not functioning properly from my exhaustion.

Guess what happened today? Shane O'Brien agreed to a 1 year contract extension! Wooo! The contract is worth 1.6 million. There were a few times this season that I thought that SOB's time was over as a Canuck...such as when he was in Vigneault's doghouse or the times he was yapping to the media about his discontent. But the Canucks were patient and didn't trade him... and he even got his first goal as a Canuck!

The Canucks also signed Andrew we shall see what this means for Cory Schneider, whether he'll be traded or competing with Raycroft to be the backup. Whatever happens, the contract was super cheap at $500, 000.

And, Wellwood has filed for salary arbitration.

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