Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hockey is back! Some links from around the NHL...

As tPB said today, Game One [of the pens/canes game] was four years ago. Stupid breaks in the playoffs. Was that for the Springsteen concert in Pittsburgh or for the TV? Neverless, we're back at it again tonight.

Chuck Fletcher will be announced as the new Wild GM tomorrow. I guess that means Pierre McGuire and his monsters will still be on TSN/NBC next year. He must not have impressed with his interview, for the "transcript" click here.

The KB would like YOU to rate the Mats Sundin Canucks Era or at least the 4 months he played in a uniform.

Another post by the KB about NHL Attendance with some (still) shocking photos of empty seats in Phoenix during games.

So Kyle Beach, the #11 draft pick, that many Canuck fans thought that Vancouver should have picked him in the draft (at the time) signed a contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. Wrap Around Curl has a contest to mark this contract signing. She is giving away a Tokarski Saves t-shirt if you can guess how long Beach will last as a Blackhawk (until he is kicked out, demoted, suspended etc). Why is she doing this? Well when he was called up to the Hawks' AHL affiliate this season, he was kicked out after 3 games. Aren't you glad we picked Hodgson? Yes, yes you are.

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