Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday's Canucks and links from around the NHL

It's Friday and I have found some great links. Ready?

-It's up to Pyatt if he is ready to join the Canucks line up. "He looks like he hasn't missed a beat" says Hordichuk

-Sami Salo says that the plays for his father.

- Enough with the local writers calling Wellwood pudgy. I'm pretty sure he's in shape now playing in the playoffs, the only people who can continue to make the fat jokes are Toronto fans, in specific DGB or the maybe Vancouver's Kurtenblog. DGB wrote a letter the Kyle Wellwood only a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Down Goes Brown
, he's written some serious comedic gold recently:
-Excuses from the eliminated teams from the NHL ie
Philadelphia Flyers - Referees killed us. Which, I suppose, makes us even. (if you don't understand this one, click here)
Montreal Canadiens - Many players suffered from chronic back problems and strained groins due to franchise spending entire season trying to blow itself.
-His scouting report on teams in Round 2
-What would the world be like if all the Leaf fans vanished?

-Apparently Jonathan Toews' is battling the flu. Or maybe a shoulder injury. Or maybe the KB spiked his root beer float (or maybe not)

-Wrap Around Curl would like guy fans to get over making jokes that equate some hockey players to 'wussy' women joke. It's a good post. She also points out that in this modern society we live in we have different pop tart flavours. Pop tarts, a wonderful pastry I had forgotten about for the past 10 years.

-Sports and the City makes a case that the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. He is a Leaf fan.

Last but not least, check this out, a Puck Daddy quiz/preview/prediction of the Canucks/Blackhawks series. Now, seriously, check it out.

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