Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CLS Re-Drafts the League

What do hockey bloggers do when there is no hockey to talk about?

We decide to re-draft the league. No joke. This is what hockey bloggers do when they don't have their daily fix of hockey. Check out the message board here. I can't wait to see the attempt at coordination that will occur over the next few days.

Vancouver has ended up with the #2 pick, which we all know in real-life that would never happen, because, let's face it Vancouver, we love mediocrity here. But let's step aside from our love of winning just enough to give the ticket holders a little hope that maybe next year is our year, and dare to dream a little.

Five Hole Fanatics (Calgary) had the first pick with Alex Ovechkin, so he's off the market...

So here's my question Vancouver fans: If you could pick any player currently playing in the NHL right now, who would YOU pick with your 2nd pick? Which superstar do you design your team around?

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