Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Luongo v. Brodeur

Um, the only place that headline mattered was in Canada. More specifically in Vancouver. Most hockey fans in Canada know Brodeur will be the starting goalie for Team Canada (barring some crazy losing streak or injury). Only delusional Vancouver fans think that Luongo should be the starter instead.

This is no knock on Luongo being a bad goalie, but Brodeur truthfully has the big game experience. He has cups. So when people in Vancouver start discussing who should be the starter, well isn't the answer obvious? Brodeur will be.

This really is only a story because media wants to make it into a story. Media like TSN, they want you to watch the game that they aired tonight, so they set it up to be a battle of the Team Canada goaltenders. Yzerman wasn't even watching.

What was nice about the game: Goals and speed. Even though the Devils choked out most semblance of good fun hockey watching in the neutral zone, the Canucks still prevailed. They were speedy, especially in the 1st. They had goals. They let a few in, took some stupid penalties (I'm looking at your Bieksa) but found a way to come back. Bieksa played like a forward on that rush with Hansen. Loved it.

Luongo will start in net again tomorrow night against Philly. It's PPV, so catch it at a bar on your way home or listen to it on the Team 1040. Let's hope the team brings their feisty game tomorrow and give the Flyers another loss. I hear the Flyers' coach's days are numbered?

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